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                Hot Keywords:

                X49W needle form, X29W needle form, SH380-16 (plug), HG5-227-80 needle form, hygien pump (engine unit), conveyor (harvesting and conveyor unit), crusher and stemmer, juice separator (extracting machinery), frment & storage plant, diatomite filter, hot and cool treatment plant, etc.

                Stainless steel tank



                Drink emulsifying equipment

                Beer equipment

                Alcohol tower

                CIP cleaner

                Equipment production line

                pipe fitting

                Valve series

                Craft beer equipment

                Pharmaceutical equipment

                Liquid filling equipment

                MVR evaporator

                Home brewed beer equipment

                Pump and conveying equipment series

                Crushing and stemming press and juice extraction equipment

                Filtration and centrifugation equipment

                Heat and cold exchange equipment

                Beverage emulsification equipment

                Batching and mixing equipment

                Cleaning equipment

                Processing customization
                Years of equipment experience
                Focus on wine, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, biological fermentation, daily chemical, fine chemical industry and other industries, Provide stainless steel equipment, accessories and engineering installation services of modern enterprises
                High quality material
                Secure and enhanced
                Corrosion resistant
                Surface bright and clean
                Inwall without dead angle and easy to clean
                Strict inspection
                It has several independent intellectual property rights
                Master the core technology, exquisite technology
                Complete set of production and storage equipment for liquor, red wine, yellow rice wine and various kinds of fruit wine, complete set of non-standard equipment for engineering biological fermentation, biological fermentation, sugar and amino acid, evaporation and concentration system.
                • WeldBeautiful
                  Exquisite welding technology
                • 0.02μm
                  Surface roughness
                • 2mm
                  Ultra-thin technology
                • 27Years'
                  Experience of manufacture
                More >Projects
                • Construction site of 200000 tons amino acid in Fufeng Biotechnology

                  Construction site of 200000 tons amino acid in Fufeng Biotechnology

                • Construction site of Hubei Meiweiyuan 150000 tons

                  Construction site of Hubei Meiweiyuan 150000 tons

                • Yihai Kerry

                  Yihai Kerry

                More >Certificate

                IOS9001, A2 class pressure vessel, GC2 pressure pipe certificate, National industrial product license, several new patents

                More >News


                2020 10

                Xinjiang's boda wine co., LTD. 10000 tons of project is our company for business in xinjiang third golden flowers, the project has been completed and started production, the project total investment 80 million yuan, covers an area of 100 mu, can...


                2020 10

                Xinjiang net source fort wine co., LTD., a period of 6000 tons of fermentation tank project is my company to undertake big market the second golden flowers of xinjiang, the project lasted for 3 months, now has been successfully put into production.
                • Zhangda Machine
                  Manufacturer of high quality stainless steel equipment
                  Zhejiang Zhangda Light Industry Machinery Factory,Founded in 1994, Especially professional in the field of extracting machinery, filter, manhole accessories, piping accessories, our technology is world class.